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domestic investigations


    (A) Unfaithfulness to a moral obligation; disloyalty
    (B) Marital unfaithfulness or an instance of it
    (C) Betrayal to a moral obligation


    (A) Tending to arouse suspicion; questionable
    (B) Disposed to suspect; distrustful (i.e., suspicious of strangers)
    (C) Expressing or indicative of suspicion

"Until death do us part" is becoming a routine saying during the marriage ceremony and not something people really, really mean. Because of this and other circumstances, statistics tell us that almost half of those who married this year will end up in divorce court. If you are one of the 50% who is contemplating a divorce, you might be facing an upheaval in your financial life as well as a battle to provide for your children’s welfare.

There are many issues during divorce proceedings that bring out anger, reprisal and vengeance in people. Normally, we would have never seen or imagined these behaviors prior to this time. This is why you may need to hire P. I. Ducks, Inc., to insure your rights as well as that of your offspring are protected. The last thing you want is to have your kids used as pawns to get even.  P. I. Ducks, Inc. has successfully obtained video proof in countless cases which have allowed our clients to take their spouses and ex-spouses to court and obtain verdicts in their favor. However, it’s not enough to illustrate how the other person is misbehaving or not complying with previous court orders... The law and the courts require a certain amount of evidence for it to be considered proof of infidelity and/or other transgressions. At P. I. Ducks, Inc. we know what the courts require and we provide it the first time you appear in court.

 In many instances, you, the client, are confronted with unexpected and very high legal costs and are looking for ways to minimize these costs. If you are trying to obtain proof that the other party is transgressing, lying, or not following the letter of the law, you should not try to cut corners when it comes to private investigation. We are the ones that can find that evasive proof and protect you, your financial well-being as well as the safety and welfare of your children.