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private process service

Service of Process - is the delivery of court papers to a party, witness or other person who has a stake in a case or is a party named in a court or other adversarial proceeding. At times the process of serving an individual is as easy as telling them they are needed in court and handing them papers. But in many instances, the person to be served is aware that if he/she is not available to be served then he/she cannot be expected to show up for court or for a deposition and/or defend himself/herself against a lawsuit. It is at these times that a professional investigator is needed so that due process can take place 

‚ÄčAt P.I. Ducks, Inc., we are dedicated to the idea that our clients deserve the best chance the first time at having a subpoena served. If it is necessary to use a pretext, one will be used. This prevents the intended target from knowing that someone is trying to serve them and then eluding the investigator.

This service can be billed at a flat fee, which would save you money if the person is hard to locate, or by the hour and mile.